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Office of Academic Services Mahasarakham University
Central Service Building, 1st Floor, Mahasarakham University,
Kham Riang Subdistrict Kantharawichai
District MahaSarakham 44150
Phone : 0-4375-4442 , 0-4375-4410
Fax : 0-4375-4411 , 0-4375-4441 , 043-754410
Homepage :
Email :

Office of Academic Services Mahasarakham University was established on October 25, 2001 under the name “Project to establish the Office of Academic Services” and was officially established on February 3, 2003 under the name “Office of Academic Services Mahasarakham University ” There are 4 personnel in the initial office, including Assistant Professor Dr. Kraisorn Chairojkanjana. Served as Director of Academic Service Office (25 October 2001 – December 2008) Mr. Wiwat Sasiwanpong was Acting Director of Academic Service Office (1 December 2008 – 30 September 2010) Dr. Yuthaphol Thawachalee was the Director of the Office of Academic Services (1 October 2010 – 31 January 2018). Present Assistant Professor Dr. Teerayut Chartchanayanyong is the Acting Director of the Office of Academic Services (1 February 2018 – Present). and has a total of 14 personnel, the Office of Academic Services Mahasarakham University It was managed by appointing the Board of Directors to be the supervisor, the controlling and the supervising for the operation of the Office of Academic Services to be neat and efficient.
Office of Academic Services Mahasarakham University was very pleased to be at the Consulting for the personnel’s development training to meet the personnel’s developments of the organization, we have both short-term training (1-3 days) and long-term training. Each program consists of several courses by the training management process. Our training is the great importance starting to finding out your real needs and the objectives of the organization’s training, sustaining with the studying the information of your organization which you have=had received in the order to designed the course accordingly. with your organization as well as consulting and commenting on the training styled which should be you can participate in the further improvements so that we can develop the curriculum to be fully effective at the Academic Service Office. we will be pleasure to give you advice and assistance. In the training services with direct experience in this field since the actual needs course’s design or the training program and the training operations be able to answer all questions if you have at all the time with willingness. Flexibility to adapt your course or program to your organization with a consultant and the network lecturer of the Office of Academic Services who was a full of knowledge and experience that we have in each area in its entirety. They also have the ability to convey professionally to conduct quality training seminars for your organization.
In training, Academic Service Office Mahasarakham University Emphasis was placed on=to being a comprehensive Training Service with good services. and the professional facilitation, starting from the guarding of the facilities including the training room whether at your organization or everywhere that you can choose as well as complete training and seminar equipment. With the supervision of the training center’s staff to facilitate and assist on the training’s day for completed well. Service is every step of the coordination and the operation, we have a goal to impress customers with our services and receive the highest satisfaction with a team full of heart in our service who are ready to work closely with you after the completion of the training Office of Academic Services Mahasarakham University Training was evaluated. From the assessment of all aspects of satisfaction to the assessment of the impact of changes on individuals and organizations.

Office of Academic Services Focus on the disseminating academic services to the society and the communities Connecting the body of global knowledge with the local knowledge integrated and developing the organization for excellence in academic service

To be a coordination center for providing academic services in various fields as follows:
1. To Providing academic, technical and professional advice;
2. To Organizing training sessions, seminars, discussions, lectures, or otherwise known as project or course
3. To Representing the university in securing the interests of intellectual property rights
4. To Research, survey, design, layout, plan, analysis, research, invention, artificial intelligence, test, verify, write and translate
5. To Developing and promoting the management and the distribution of products or academic products of the university.